The ultimate in Core Training Equipment

CorMax Fitness – Summer 2016 Promo (HD)

CorMax Instability

When exercising with any of the CorMax exercise equipment you have to deal with the challenge to stabilize after each and every movement. With less water the equipment becomes more challenging to control and steady igniting all muscle groups add more water and the CorMax equipment are then converted into power and strength exercises.

CorMax bring you ‘The Beast’

The Beast is a first of its kind high performance team training tool that is perfect for coaches, strength conditioning and personal trainers. Put your players or trainers through a huge range of team based exercises – an essential tool for teamwork, communication, co-ordination, injury prevention, balance, stability and core strength. Read more.

Indoors, Outdoors, Anywhere

The CorMax range is the first range of exercise equipment to offer instability during training the use of an outdoor bench and anchor point resource. The unpredictable water movement offers a huge challenge and are so much fun to use in a group training environment. CorMax – the ultimate in core, stability and functional strength training.

CorMax Product Range