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What is Club CorMax...

Club CorMax is a new concept developed to help PT businesses grow through the partnering of CorMax training gear with CEC approved education and ongoing support tools in an affordable format.

The CorMax training methodology itself brings an edge to any exercise regime through its exciting approach to training, with an emphasis on super functional movements designed to engage the core and stabilizing muscles of the body through any exercise performed.

Club CorMax is designed to bring together like minded people who love the CorMax brand and form a community where ideas, programs, training methodologies and personal innovation are able to be shared and form a fantastic, community driven catalogue of new and exciting ways to incorporate CorMax into your training regime for yourself and your clients!



Since CorMax Australia launched in early 2016, we have received extremely positive reviews from PTs around the country about the CorMax range.

Our customer feedback has also established three key points about the fitness industry, and specifically, the PT market:

  • PTs, especially those just starting out, can have trouble differentiating themselves from others in our highly competitive industry;
  • PTs really understand that every piece of the CorMax gear is more versatile than traditional equipment, but there is limited education & training on how to use the products to their maximum potential;
  • Almost every PT would like a good range of CorMax gear, but the upfront cost of a full set of gear can be prohibitive.

This has inspired us at CorMax Australia to create Club CorMax, and we want you to be a part of it!

Club CorMax helps PTs set themselves apart, invites them into a community of like-minded people who help one another explore the diverse range of CorMax training uses, and it brings the price of the entire CorMax range down from Day One.

When signing up to Club CorMax, for a small monthly fee, you will receive a full set of the CorMax gear or build your own CorMax gear package up to the same value, plus attendance at our CEC approved CorMax Academy course, as well as a range of other perks.

As Club CorMax grows, we will also be partnering with several well known names in the fitness industry which will give us the opportunity to incorporate special events and offers available only to Club members, so sign up today to get access to all the perks that come along with your Club CorMax membership!



As a Club CorMax member, you will recieve; 

  • EITHER a CorMax full Gym Kit OR your choice of gear from the CorMax range up to the value of $1,200
  • Free shipping valued at $80
  • Attendance at the CorMax Academy Course (4 CEC's) valued at $375
  • Exclusive access to the closed Club CorMax facebook group where the community lives
  • Quarterly program updates valued at $1,400 per year
  • Exclusive access to new/ upcoming additions to the CorMax range
  • Access to upcoming Club CorMax events, specials, sneek peaks

For a limited time only we are seeking 100 'Foundation Members' to help kick off Club CorMax. These foundation members will receive exclusive foundation member BONUSES on top of the standard Club CorMax offer, including;

  • Bonus $600 gear value

  • 25% off additional CorMax gear ordered

  • 10% monthly discount off Club membership for every successful referral - up to 100% off for 10 successful referrals

All this on offer for Club CorMax Foundation members for just $147 per month. That is $3,775 worth of value for $1,764 per year OR less than 1 PT client per month! a huge saving of $1,928.80 per year!

Membership must last for a minimum 12 months, can be renewed for further value in proceeding years.


Spaces are limited so sign up today and don't miss out!!


Contact Jake on 0424 266 953 or jake@cormaxfitness.com.au for sign up details.