Functional Training

Functional training simply refers to matching in some way, the training to everyday life. You can imitate just about any movement that you could use during your daily routine just combine the huge range of exercises available to you with your CorMax range.

The Commander, Torpedoes, Grenades and AQA Balls are an ideal way to get stronger and fitter in a functional way. 

Your whole body has to move the unstable weight or to keep water under control.

This trains not only your major muscle groups, but all those muscle you forget to exercise.

Barbells, dumbells, kettlebells and standard everyday exercise equipment just become boring over time with the CorMax range of exercise equipment you will have so much fun and variety you will never get bored.

Have fun getting functionally fit with CorMax Commander, Torpedoes, Grenades and AQA Balls 


High intensity, why?

Because they are the best workouts to deplete your glycogen (stored sugar) in your muscles.

When you’ve depleted your glycogen, your muscles need to replenish it, so the sugar you consume gets used up and stored as glycogen rather being stored as fat.

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