Posture & Balance

By training to develop greater balance, you will recognize improvements in coordination, athletic skill, and posture. This in turn will result in fewer injuries and greater stability during sport at a younger age and help prevent falls and keep you both strong and independent longer as you age. These are the very benefits that have led many coaches, trainers, and athletes to incorporate balance training into their workouts. 

St George Physiotherapy actively incorporates and recommends CorMax Torpedoes and Grenades into our exercise rehabilitation programs.
They work effectively to strengthen the dynamic stabilisers & provide an extra challenge compared to dumb bell, bar bell & kettle bell work.
They will train your senses to activate or deactivate your muscles in relation to the water movement, improving your coordination, athletic skill and posture.
We have also found them useful for our patients of all ages from representative level rugby league players to our elderly Osteofit exercise class.

Ben Waldock
Practice Principal | St George Physiotherapy


High intensity, why?

Because they are the best workouts to deplete your glycogen (stored sugar) in your muscles.

When you’ve depleted your glycogen, your muscles need to replenish it, so the sugar you consume gets used up and stored as glycogen rather being stored as fat.

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