CorMax The Beast

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CorMax The Beast

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Includes: Support Feet (set of 3)

Options: You might need to add a foot pump.

Size: 30cm x 155cm

Holds: 60kg water

CorMax 30-Day Guarantee 

If you don’t believe the CorMax range of functional training products are the ultimate challenge for your core, then simply return to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

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The Beast is a first of its kind high performance team training tool that is perfect for coaches, strength conditioning and personal trainers. Put your players or trainers through a huge range of team based exercises – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, even 7 players can train together using The Beast.


All players must work as one to keep the water central during a huge variety of team based exercises.


Communication is absolutely essential to complete the exercises. All player are different some are great communicators others not so. Using The Beast during training all team members must communicate to successfully perform exercise routines.


By training to develop greater balance, you will recognize improvements in coordination, athletic skill, and posture.

Your players will have so much fun trying to stabilise the with the unstable weight by activating muscles, every exercise will turn on muscles that almost never becomes activated in a standard weights room. All trainers know if training is fun and brings results the athletes will be back for more.

Injury Prevention

The Beast is ideal for total core and stability training. The constant shift challenges your muscles entirely, especially the stabilising muscles and body core muscles greatly reducing the chance of injury.

Stability and Core Strength

As with any of the CorMax range, the sloshing of water in The Beast pulls and pushes you in every direction, igniting your stabilising and core muscles instantly and working them to the max.


Your whole body has to move the unstable weight or to keep water under control. This challenge will result in fewer injuries and greater stability during sport at a younger age and help prevent falls and keep you both strong and independent longer as you age. These are the very benefits that have led many coaches, trainers, and athletes to incorporate balance training into their workouts.

Power and Strength

No other training product compares to The Beast, offering hundreds of team/commando style exercises.

The Beast is much more functional and specific to a lot of sport situations where the athlete has to act in a highly challenging environment with impact or contests from many directions.

Your whole body has to move the unstable weight or to keep water under control. This trains not only your major muscle groups, but all those muscle you forget to exercise.

Without exception The Beast will test your core and train your senses to activate or deactivate your muscles in relation to the water movement whilst improving your coordination, athletic skill, posture and reducing sports injuries.

Bootcamps, AFL, Rugby Union, Rugby League and Football – you name the sport and The Beast will give you an edge.