Strength, Power and Stability

CorMax Commander, Torpedoes 1 & 2, Grenades and AQA Balls have the huge advantage of the water flowing action and instability.

When you are using the CorMax range the destabilising forces are coming from top down not bottom up. Meaning that your feet are on a stable surface and the destabilising forces are coming from higher up. This is far more realistic than bottom up (squatting on a ball) because most sports/activities are done with your feet on a stable surface.

This is much more functional and specific to a lot of sport situations where the athlete has to act in a highly challenging environment with impact or contests from many directions.


Great applications can be found in sports such as rugby, football, tennis, golf, white water canoeing, and gymnastics as you mimic many of the movements required in these sports.

CorMax Commander, Torpedoes, Grenades and AQA Balls can be the ultimate sparring partner in sports such as judo, MMA and boxing and make it able to perform highly specific exercises with a constantly changing weight instead of static training.

Injury Prevention

Ideal for total core and stability training. The constant shift challenges your muscles entirely, especially the stabilizing muscles and body core muscles greatly reducing the chance of injury.

Power & Strength

Squats, Bulgarian Squats, military press, lunges, side-to-side snatches, and so on with traditional weights would normally require exacting training to be safe.

With the CorMax range, these types of exercises are immediately available with basic technical understanding.

Torpedo T2 (20kg) in Action


High intensity, why?

Because they are the best workouts to deplete your glycogen (stored sugar) in your muscles.

When you’ve depleted your glycogen, your muscles need to replenish it, so the sugar you consume gets used up and stored as glycogen rather being stored as fat.

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